Monday, May 08, 2006

Metabolismus - Terra Incognita

Germany 1998
Blackjack Records USA

Terra Incognita was Metabolismus's first american release after a good 17 years of releasing underground tapes, 7''s and Lp's out of their Native Germany. They're one of the bands like the Sun City Girls where you never really know what your going to get from release to release. They just have too many modes and idea's to stick to one. This record is akin to early works of Deuter (which I'll be posting soon), african pigmy music, klaus schultz, and early kraftwerk.

here's a old label bio,
While knowledgeable humbugs ‘round the world crawl over each other to find, buy, bootleg and hype on the internet the “latest” lost krautrock private pressing, this German collective enters its seventeenth year having hardly dented the collective consciousness of the avant music intelligentsia. While this may be unfortunate, it can hardly be considered unusual, considering that Metabolismus’ six singles, pair of ten-inches, handful of LPs, appearances on numerous compilations and over 30 cassettes have all been released in microscopic quantities on hard-to- find German labels. Anyone fortunate enough to have heard any of Metabolismus’ previous offerings can attest to the band’s varied approach to musical construction. It is difficult to name two of their releases that, on the surface, sound alike. In addition to a wide range of influences-- Faust, Can, Popul Vuh, 60s beat psych and jazz, weirdo American rockeers like Kim Fowley (with whom the band has recorded)-- this is attributable to a healthy policy of incorporating any and all voices that might push the group’s sound experiments to the outer limits. With an aggregate membership whose size is believed to approach the low 30s, Metabolismus has both reached a peak in their evolution and released their most cohesive album to date.

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