Monday, May 08, 2006

Moolah - Woe Ye Demons Possessed (Annuit Coeptis)

USA 1974 private press

Two guys Maurice and Walter present their "paranormal concertwork...A Cosmic Rock Relaxtion Creation" their 'Magnum Opus in Six Parts: The Great Seal". All electronic psych record recorded and released in the psychedelic hinterlands of the mid-seventies. About a million miles away from the Silver Apples or United States of America as electronic-psych goes. Maybe a bit of White Noise ala "The Black Mass.." although a bit more doom-laden but still safely away from Mort Garson/Lucifer/Zodiac Sounds cheesiness. The relative influence on NWW and it's inclusion on said artist's infamous "list" isn't hard to see.

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donabean said...

Thanks -this record is excellent-
your collection of shares is topnotch!!
keep on keeping on!

josiane said...

merci jolie collection !!!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting to hear this again for 15 years, ever since I discovered it in a pal's huge psych collection (which was subsequently stolen!). Gone are the days when oddities such as this would turn up for cheap...thanks for posting this and props to Maurice and Walter, wherever they may be!

Anonymous said...

THIS IS AN EMPTY FILE, trying to download it is a waste of time!

FM SHADES said...

so sorry for wasting your precious time surfing the internet for free music. next time just post that the Link isn't working and I'll check it out. Sometime they expire.

Yves Abouchar said...

Geez...I've seen this anonymous fellow around quite a bit and he generally has nothing much to say.

I downloaded this one somewhere else recently...great album. I have grabbed a TON of stuff from you tonight and wanted to thank you for making my ears a little happier.

Do you, by any chance, have any Bill Fay? I'd really like to hear the "Persecution" album...

Anonymous said...

great blog.Thanks for Basho, MEV and Moolah!

cazalobos said...

this is a BLAST!!!!
wonderful album indeed.

maybe, being this and old post yuo'l nevere read this message, but thanks so much!!

Gianni said...

this is a GREAT lp!
thank you
what wonderful cosmic sounds!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this up - it's fantastic!