Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dariush Dolat-Shahi - Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar

Sorry all for the lack of posts, I'm a busy guy and only want to put up really choice and hard to find material.

A friend recently copies me the 1985 Folkways release 'Dariush Dolat-Shahi - Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar.' Dariush Dolat-shahi is an Iranian-American composer and instrumentalist on the tar, the traditional Persian lute. His compositions include electronic and instrumental music as well as music for traditional Persian instruments.

I included in the album folder a text file with a interview with him for a little more information. No info on this release though. Its pretty tripped out and the blend of Electronics, Tar/Sehtar, and ambient recordings is amazing!!! I have a feeling that he's using a Buchla for the electronics, a very rare cult synthesizer if you didn't already know.

Highly Recommended!!!
Dariush Dolat-Shahi


hideo said...

fm said": "Sorry all for the lack of posts, I'm a busy guy and only want to put up really choice and hard to find material."

I appreciate that! Post the good stuff when you can--we'll be fine!

thanks for a great site

Anonymous said...

Nice !Really enjoying this one and alot of the other things that you have posted in the past.


Anonymous said...

Thats good! Personally i like to LISTEN to music, not only to d/l it
Take your time!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an incredible work. Quite a bit of the electronics remind me of Moolah's LP.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton. This is a really interesting album.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I've been looking for this ever since it was spun on Bryce's show on WFMU ( ).

Rita said...

not bad, but a little cheesy. thanks for sharing. and boycott rapidshare

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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marcus said...

thanks for that, I really like it.
sounds timeless.

Jon said...

anyone know of great weblog sites like this making available old hard to find blues music?

Anonymous said...

the CD might still even be available. the liner notes can be found here:

Salaried Man Club said...

Hip label Dead Cert just reissued this. Heard of the news via

Strange to see all of the stuff make its rounds down here and then up there in daylight. Happening more and more often. This one was definitely a surprise.