Sunday, May 28, 2006

Doo Rag - Early Singles and Tour Cassette

"Sounds like howling wolf singing out of a cave on mars"

Pretty much sums up the bizarro Junk Yard blues rock sounds of Doo Rag. A Tuscon, Arizona based band that was formed in the early 90's by Bob Log and Thermos Malling. They toured quite extensivly in the early to mid 90's and I was lucky enough to catch them play a number of times. Always mind numbing. Bob with a crazy old resonator guitar with a few old contact mics being run through some archaic PA system...then singing into a funnel connected to a tube that goes through a vintage vacuum cleaner with I'm guessing a mic inside it going
into the PA. Thermos playing a total junk yard drum kit made up of upside down old tin wash bins with empty film reels being smashed on top. And for his kick drum which he would just hit with one arm he always seemed to use a budwiser 24 Bottle cardboard box,,, and it always was a bud case! For added visual effect (if there wasn't enough already) there was a old Oscilloscope with those sweet old tube wave forms bouncing to their wild racket.

If you dig scratchy blues coming out of a old 78 player being covered by pussy galore and then stomped on by captain beefheart I seriously recommend these guys.

And I present to you their first 3 singles which really are their best material along side a super rare tour cassette that sounds fantastic. All digitized by me at one of Buenos Aires's finest sound houses. Their 2 full lengths are not too hard to find and a nice porch listen as well.

Download here,
Doo Rag

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Deuter - 'D' & 'Aum'

Kuckuck Records Germany 1971/1972

2 Classic and still fairly unknown German underground Lp's by Deuter. Fans of early Faust, Ashra Temple, Drone Raga, and psychedelic outsider tones will dig this record. I am not just saying this like the millions of albums these days that get touted and don't live up to it. Deuter went on to release probably over 30 records and pretty much found the New Age Ambient scene, though he does not consider himself New Age... One of those dumb terms I guess.

'D', his first Lp has some amazing organ drones and the second track on the album "Der Turm/Fluchpunkt" sounds like faust running a Indian Slide through some Wümme fuzz with some killer percussion in the background. Other tracks delve into some dark Organ Drones with field recordings blended in. Which he takes even further with the following album 'Aum'

'Aum' is a good send off album still with lingering psychedelic moments and lots of strange processing, REVERBBBBB, Sitars, the Ocean, voices, & bongo's... Truly a well rounded and deep album. Heads take note!

From this point you can move forward into the Third Eye of Deuter. A few of the mid 70's records by him and some really nice bits, but by the 1980's its pretty much ambient meditation music. He now lives in New Mexico and still makes music in his home studio for various therapy and relaxation.

Check the Deuter interview in the comments section. He mentions his psychedelic early work.

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Robbie Basho - The Falconers Arm I & II

Takoma Records 1967

2 Vinyl Dubs by me of my favorite Robbie Basho's Lps. The Falconers Arm I & II Lps take you through the best (I think) era of Basho's guitar raga and some brief vocal moments. 'Lost Lagoon Suite' on the first volume is pretty much up there with 'Bare Bones in the Valley' by John Fahey as a very deep moment in late 60's american guitar work. It seems that Fahey will always over shadow Basho's work mainly because of the Takcoma label affiliation but Basho has always seemed to me to have much more spiritual depth and growth. Very Beautiful Music.
Speaking of which, stay tuned for a mindnumbing post by Deuter. My favorite German New Ager.

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Robbie Basho

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pierre Henry - Musique Corticalart

France 1971

In the twilight days of the 1970s henry built a brainwave-conduction system which he placed on the head(s) of various individuals, feeding the resultant voltages into a giant synthesizer... the concept being that the “composer” of the music (in the case of this recording: roger lafosse) was the one to whom the transducers were affixed. hearing the music (inarguably henry’s fiercest and most unrelenting bit of pure analog scree) it’s understandable that this process never sparked an auto-electroacoustic-composition movement. Originally issued in a beautiful silver/black foil-stamped sleeve (repreoduced wonderfully here) as part of the illustrious prospective 21˚siecle series on philips. mind-slaying and so incredibly aggressive for a record from 1970. The Sweet Sweet sounds of pure oscillators.

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Pierre Henry

Ghedalia Tazartes - Diasporas & Tazartès

The first and the forth LP by Ghedalia Tazartes on one CD issue. Ghedalia Tazartes is a nomad. He wanders through music from chant to rhythm, from one voice to another. He paves the way for the electric and the vocal paths, between the muezzin psalmody and the screaming of a rocker. He traces vague landscapes where the mitre of the white clown, the plumes of the sorcerer, the helmet of a cop and Parisian anhydride collide into polyphonic ceremonies. Don't become a black, an Arab, a Tibetan monk, a Jew, a woman or an animal but to feel all this stirring deep inside of you. The greatest trips are made in the deep end of the throat: the extra-European music open the ear to Ghedalia's intra-European exotism. Where was music before music halls? Where was the voice before it learned how to speak? Ghedalia is the orchestra and a pop group all in one person: the self is multitude and others. The author and his doubles work without a net, freely connecting the sounds, the rhythms, his voice, his voices. The permanent metamorphosis is a principle of composition, it escapes control, refuses classification. To hell with the technocrates of noise and the purists of synthetic culture. All art like all true mythology use a double clavier, playing nature and culture, feeling and the distance of the flesh, death. Off limits!" Recommended.

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Ghedalia Tazartes

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Braen's Machine - Underground (liuto)

1971 Italy

Exploito psych monster rarity. Recorded by Piero Umiliani at the now legendary SOUND-WORK-SHOP studio in January 1971. Release in a very limited (less than 100) library only release on Umiliani's LIUTO label. The original vinyl is practicaly impossible to find, as far as i know there is no reissue. Acid Drenched Fuzz guitar with one funky rhythm section. The drum sound its pretty interesting.

The style is not far from other ghost-groups of the same period, instrumental music that could be used as a film soundtrack, with fuzz guitar and keyboards to the fore, and probably more psych-oriented than others. It's certain that behind the name Braen's Machine hid Umiliani himself and Alessandro Alessandroni, as they appeared with their nicknames Braen and Gisteri as the album tracks composers. The name Braen also appears as composer in the two Pawnshop singles.

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Braen's Machine

Monday, May 08, 2006

U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble - "Bitter Suites"

Released by Rutman Records
USA 1979 private press

Very Far out drones from a ensemble started by Robert Ruttman who went on to release some CD's in the 1980's and 1990's. Not sure but I beleive this is his first release. All created with Steel Cello's made by Mr. Ruttman.

The Bitter Suites are taken from recent performances by the US Steel Cello Ensemble. They are the result of an evolutionary refinement of instrument design and playing techniques which I have explored and developed over the past ten years.
- Robert Rutman 1979

Download here,
U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble

Metabolismus - Terra Incognita

Germany 1998
Blackjack Records USA

Terra Incognita was Metabolismus's first american release after a good 17 years of releasing underground tapes, 7''s and Lp's out of their Native Germany. They're one of the bands like the Sun City Girls where you never really know what your going to get from release to release. They just have too many modes and idea's to stick to one. This record is akin to early works of Deuter (which I'll be posting soon), african pigmy music, klaus schultz, and early kraftwerk.

here's a old label bio,
While knowledgeable humbugs ‘round the world crawl over each other to find, buy, bootleg and hype on the internet the “latest” lost krautrock private pressing, this German collective enters its seventeenth year having hardly dented the collective consciousness of the avant music intelligentsia. While this may be unfortunate, it can hardly be considered unusual, considering that Metabolismus’ six singles, pair of ten-inches, handful of LPs, appearances on numerous compilations and over 30 cassettes have all been released in microscopic quantities on hard-to- find German labels. Anyone fortunate enough to have heard any of Metabolismus’ previous offerings can attest to the band’s varied approach to musical construction. It is difficult to name two of their releases that, on the surface, sound alike. In addition to a wide range of influences-- Faust, Can, Popul Vuh, 60s beat psych and jazz, weirdo American rockeers like Kim Fowley (with whom the band has recorded)-- this is attributable to a healthy policy of incorporating any and all voices that might push the group’s sound experiments to the outer limits. With an aggregate membership whose size is believed to approach the low 30s, Metabolismus has both reached a peak in their evolution and released their most cohesive album to date.

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Moolah - Woe Ye Demons Possessed (Annuit Coeptis)

USA 1974 private press

Two guys Maurice and Walter present their "paranormal concertwork...A Cosmic Rock Relaxtion Creation" their 'Magnum Opus in Six Parts: The Great Seal". All electronic psych record recorded and released in the psychedelic hinterlands of the mid-seventies. About a million miles away from the Silver Apples or United States of America as electronic-psych goes. Maybe a bit of White Noise ala "The Black Mass.." although a bit more doom-laden but still safely away from Mort Garson/Lucifer/Zodiac Sounds cheesiness. The relative influence on NWW and it's inclusion on said artist's infamous "list" isn't hard to see.

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Madrigal - Self Titled (1970 USA)

Madrigal - S/T
1971 USA private press

An early example of an underground improv/chant/psych piece in the eerie "Stoned Freakout." The rest are two-man psych folk pieces, with an early drum machine running the background.

If anything here in the Archives fits the term “underground,” it’s this. Supposedly only about 50 copies were made and when one of the band members was found he was rude and refused to talk about his album or disclose the whereabouts of his bandmate. The record itself is a basement-sounding recording by two guys with no help from anyone else, and only a tiny bit of overdubbing. One guy plays guitar, one plays theremin, both sing, one of them runs a drum machine. The vocals are heavily reverbed. About half of the songs are random improvisations (including a 12-minute mess called “Stoned Freakout”) with unhinged screaming, feedback-laden guitar and other various noises. The other half are pop songs, basically done with just voice, guitar and drum machine. Some of these songs are pretty good, and as much as I hate fake drums, something about this primitive machine only adds to the lonely DIY feeling here, making these guys sort of a cross between Suicide, Moolah and Index. The vocals are very good. “Ballad,” which is so quiet that you can barely hear the singing, is especially eerie. The droney song that starts side two is kind of a middle ground between their two styles, and would work pretty well if it didn’t drag on for ten minutes. The closing instrumental is really lame, like the instrumentals on the North County Rock Association album. Obviously, much of this album is boring and/or annoying, but some of it is pretty memorable too. More importantly, it’s one of those albums that sounds absolutely like nothing else, which always means that someone out there will fall in love with it. Considering the rarity and $1000 price tag, hopefully it will be reissued so that one person won’t go broke trying to find it.

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