Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kim Fowley Jr. - Son of Frankenstein

1981 - Moxie Records

Rare release by the legendary Kim Fowley under the guis of a non-existent son. Pretty amazing and out there material on this release. Starts off with a few great rockers then lots of Synthisizer stuff with his rock scene L.A. poety. I can't find any info on this record but found it last year and digitized the Lp. No Reissue in sight as far as I know.

Kim Fowley if you don't know is a legendary and eccentric producer from L.A. who's writen songs for KISS, pretty much formed the Runaway's and been behind the scene's for a lot of records. Search his name and check his website, its a TRIP!

Highly Recommended!

original vinyl rip

Download here,
Kim Fowley Jr.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Little Howlin' Wolf - Singles Vol. 1 & 2

Collection of Wolfs self released 45s; raw sounds from this visionary american outsider.

James Pobiega, a 6'9" Polish-derived man from Chicago's South Side, performed heavily in bars and and to a greater extent on the street of his home turf during the late 70s through the mid 80s under the name Little Howlin Wolf. During that time, self-released 32 45s (that weknow of) and two LPs (compiled from the 7"s) titled The Guardian and The Cool Truth. The LPs show a unique and visionary take on emotive, raw, dissolved blues featuring Wolf on every instrument he could lay his hands on with a wrenching souldfulness and commanding fire-brained intensity to match Albert Ayler. The 45s, though, are where Wolf really stretched out, taking his music to its furthest reaches including stabs at Calypso, gypsy songs, Country-Western and children's songs.

Serious modern day ESP action here folks. Imagine Tom Waits(Bone Machine era) and Beefheart but more real deal, raw and unscripted. Closer to the blues than any of them really. Search his name and buy his full length records. He'd appreciate it I'm sure.

Download here,
Little Howlin' Wolf pt.1
Little Howlin' Wolf pt.2