Monday, September 25, 2006

Georg Deuter - Soundtrack (Library Record) RARE!!!

Lp - early 70s.
Amazing and rare Deuter Library Record released by Kuckuck & C. Brull Ltd. No Date on Record but contains a few trks from his second album 'aum.' This album was made to be sold to organizations to use for film/tv/radio. Not for public release. Some amazing and tripped out little pieces of music.
A lost krautrock gem!!!
I just found this in a collection of old Libarary Lp's... Couldn't beleive it!

Ripped from original vinyl

Download here,
Georg Deuter

Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Strange - L'Universo (Italy 1988)

Not much info about this group out there. A friend taped it for me way back when and I finally found a copy on vinyl. Beautiful Italian Neo-Psych with some eerie bits and mystical sounds. A definite home-recording job. This group release a few other Lp's but this is the best I've heard. I've put in the comments a interview I found online with one of the main member's. Its tranlated from Italian on one of those bad translating sites but I figure its better than nothing.

Download here,
No Strange

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Electronic Hole (Private Press 1970)

Extremely obscure 2nd Radish label album, 150 copies originally issued in 1970. "Raw, noisy, droning and completely mesmerizing album recorded by Phil Pearlman between the first Beat of the Earth album and Relatively Clean Rivers. Pearlman assembled The Electronic Hole in 1969 strictly for personal use -- to audition musicians for his new band. To do this, and to add to his own collection of demos, he used local studios in off-hours thanks to his friendship with album engineer Joe Sidore. The result is entirely different from Beat of the Earth, as it abandons a freeform improvisational approach in favor of 'compositions', including a wild cover of Frank Zappa's 'Trouble Every Day'. Pearlman plays sitar to great effect on the album, and another tracks have the thickest wall of fuzz guitars imaginable.
Amazing album!

Download here,
The Electronic Hole