Tuesday, January 23, 2007

John Bender - I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It

Released by Record Sluts
1980 Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Very Rare debut Lp by John Bender who released 3 Lp's and then disappeared without a trace. Primitive Electronics that hearken back to early cluster, Harmonia, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, and Faust. His records sell from a substantial amount of money and I have not heard of any reissues in the works.

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John Bender


mutantsounds said...

he he....you were faster than me:)thanks for linking me in this post
BTW...mediafire server kicks asses...i will post there s long as my rapidshare premium account ends

mutantsounds said...

oh ...just an update....John Bender :

And it just goes on: a while ago I finally got my hands on a few of the "Bender cassettes". You know the kind: every now and again stories about (extremely limited) cassette releases get out, and we all look high and low for them. And IF you ever find one you usually have to pay through the nose for it. Nevertheless I got 5 cassettes from Jorg (thank you thank you thank you too) and I've put the liners on the releases page. I'm not quite sure if these cassettes are original releases or some sort of bootlegs. The liners I got with them are xeroxed and some of them contain a little "JB95" signature which must have been on the original liner. I guess. This seems to prove John released them himself, but I'm not sure. The "95" is puzzling. Re-release ?

Cassette spines

Most cassettes contain familiar tracks from the albums (usually in the original, longer, versions) and other material from the same period (1982 to 1985). Some tracks appear a few times on different cassettes, or two times on one cassette. Unfortunately the sound quality is sometimes poor, probably because of the constant copying that's going on among Bender fans. But the music soon makes you forget the low-fi. Some tracks are extremely beautiful, others make you wonder why John decided to cut them short on the album release.

For example: "I want to be loved for it" from the Plaster Prototypes cassette is the same as "Something" from the Plaster Falling album, only longer. On the album the track fades out after some 4 minutes, but the cassette reveals it originally ran on for another brilliant 3. The same goes for the title track "Plaster". On the album it is cut after the "Do what you got to do" line, but on the cassette there are 2 more minutes after this. The same happens on the 'At the 4th St CAGE' and 'Do the CAGE' cassettes with some tracks from the Pop Surgery album.
The cassettes obviously include a lot of new tracks as well.
Most cassettes contain material in the Pop Surgery "style", but the 'Packing List' cassette is an exception. In my opinion it's beyond Pop Surgery. It contains some very long tracks (10 to 19 minutes) with a lot of looped and pitched speech samples. Slogans like "Let's be friends" or "This is for sale" get repeated over and over again, accompanied by jumping beats and sharp electronic sounds. Basically it's as far away from 'I don't remember now' as you can possibly get. It takes a while to get used to it, but eventually it grows on you and you keep playing it. At least, I do.

If you've got ANY info about Bender or his music, please send email to [no longer supported], and I'll get back to you. I'm trying to put a John Bender FAQ together and I need all the info I can get. And if you "just" happen to be a Bender fan, tell me about that too.

I can assure you one thing though: JB is far from dead. There have been some rumours, but let's not do a Paul McCartney on the man. ;-)

go here:http://free.pages.at/aspects/johnbender/
for more infos
all the best

Mystery Poster said...


Thanks for posting this, I am looking forward to discovering this fellow after finding him on mutantsounds.. stop on by and pick up a few nice things from my blogroll. Thank you for the few good bites you have provided me before as well.


~Mystery Poster

BTW, I am uploading UNITS and baby Buddha right now, check tomorrow.

Ellaguru said...

thanx for this great (un)release!!!

Mystery Poster said...

Finally listened to the albums by this bloke and have been summarily converted to praying in the House of Bender! I've already asked Mutan, but might as well state here as well that any other recordings (cassettes, et cety.) from this fellow would be greatly appreciated on some blogshimmy.


Anonymous said...

excellent post, always like what you have going here! Thanks!!

R3000 said...

Thank you - just beautiful !

TBA said...

Hey FM - this Bender guy is fully Bent. Thanks for turning me on to this.

Curved Air said...

gotta love any Bender shares out there. i've got a a few Bender shares over at curved-air.com.

thx for all the good stuff!

Curved Air said...

gotta love any Bender shares out there. i've got a a few Bender shares over at curved-air.com.

thx for all the good stuff!