Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Theater Of Eternal Music - (60's NYC Drone Underground)

"Bootleg Lp" &
"Vol 1 Day Of Niagara"
Both recordings presumed to be recorded in 1965, NYC.

Ultra-rare minimal drone recording by some serious nyc heavy weights... "I dream this music"

The Theater of Eternal Music, also known as The Dream Syndicate, was a mid-sixties musical group focusing on experimental and drone music, featuring La Monte Young, John Cale, and Angus MacLise. In 1964 the ensemble contained Young and Marian Zazeela, voices; Tony Conrad and John Cale, strings; and sometimes Terry Riley, voice. Since 1966 Young has realized the "Dream Theater" despite interruptions due to a lack of funding for such an exceptional, extensive, and expensive project.

Most of these pieces have long titles, such as The Tortoise Recalling the Drone of the Holy Numbers as they were Revealed in the Dreams of the Whirlwind and the Obsidian Gong, Illuminated by the Sawmill, the Green Sawtooth Ocelot and the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer. Likewise, his works are often of extreme length, many pieces having no beginning and no end, existing before and after a particular performance. Young and Zazeela are also on an extended sleep schedule, their "days" being longer than twenty-four hours.

There has been a history of dispute over the Theater Of Eternal Music recordings as La Monte Young claims composer copywrite/ownership of the recordings and the other member's feel it was a collaborative project. There are supposedly many more hours of recordings by this group which I hope someday will see the light and make it to more ears.

Download here,
Theater Of Eternal Music


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Jon said...

can anyone give me the low-down on La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela's Black album. released in 1970 I believe. are these tracks that have been uploaded part of that album by chance?

someone please demystify the La Monte Young saga!!!

Anonymous said...

young/zazeela's black album was released in '69, after this lineup of the theatre of eternal music had disbanded for the most part. side a is vocal/moog sinewave drones and side b is killer bowed metals/cymbals...compared to the strings/brass of these recordings. it's all awesome stuff though.

any info on this theater of eternal music bootleg lp? i'm guessing it's a cdr or part of a 2xlp set, judging by the track lengths.

great sounds, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Go to the Dream House in Manhatten!
Change the sound within your head.

tish said...

just dropping by ::
looks/sounds great as always.

Josh said...

recently stumbled across the blog & it has quickly become one of my favs. thanks for all the great posts!

Nicole said...

I just found your blog as well, and I wanted to say how much it is appreciated. You have some amazing stuff here, some of which I've been wanting to hear for years. Thanks.

wooodenelephant said...

I loaded some things onto my mp3 player last night and this was among them. I then set about tidying my room which took ages. This came on about 4:30 am, utterly compelling. Some Miles @ Cellar Door came on right after which felt entirely appropriate.

Thanks for your efforts here, man. You're expanding my musical horizons (and others' too, no doubt)

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so coooool! so great!

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aww yeah.
great stuff.
I think I have both from another blog probably mutant sounds.

I can't wait to hear the alice cooper boot.

Anonymous said...

Ultra-rare minimal drone recording by some serious nyc heavy weights... "I dream this music"

Thanks for this, greatly appreciated

Richard said...

Thanks for this. Any chance of uploading the LaMonte recordings with Terry Jennings? I really like your blog; you avoid the obvious & provide genuine obscurities, i.e. quality instead of quantity.
I love the Gasenata/SCG posts too.

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