Tuesday, January 23, 2007

John Bender - I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It

Released by Record Sluts
1980 Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Very Rare debut Lp by John Bender who released 3 Lp's and then disappeared without a trace. Primitive Electronics that hearken back to early cluster, Harmonia, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, and Faust. His records sell from a substantial amount of money and I have not heard of any reissues in the works.

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John Bender

Monday, January 22, 2007

Index (Reverb Drenched Garage Psych!!!)

Formed at the University of Detroit in 1967, Index cut one of the most excruciatingly rare psychedelic albums of all time, pressed in an edition of a mere 100 copies. No, it's not worth the $3,000 it lists for in Goldmine's price guide, but it's certainly a nifty, even one-of-a-kind curiosity (and fortunately, it was reissued in the 1980s). A power trio with more or less equal links to the garage and psychedelic eras, Index enhanced their astral aspirations with an unholy amount of reverb drone. One reviewer likened their debut LP, pretty accurately, to sounding as if it had been recorded in a freight elevator. For a psychedelic act, Index's sound was uncommonly morose and minimalistic. They were prone to eerie, repetitious ragas, the reverb giving them a surfing-on-the-moon feel. Their originals were based around modal melodies and mournful, almost Nico-like vocals (although they were entirely male), and they wreaked slow-torture havoc with their drawn-out ragazations of "Eight Miles High," "John Riley," and "You Keep Me Hangin' On." Weirdest of all were their instrumentals, where melody took a distant second to cascading walls of reverb, wah-wah, and shrieking feedback that verged on the avant-garde. Most of the copies of the Index LPs were given away to friends, and the group vanished after the 1960s.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kraftwerk - K4 (Kraftwerk Meets Neu!!!)

Live in Bremen, Germany
June 25, 1971

There isn't any extra information about this this unofficial release either in the liner notes or on the interweb thing - however, as you listen it becomes obvious that this is indeed a recording of the rather short-lived lineup of Kraftwerk that includes Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger in its ranks! That's right - Neu! as part of Kraftwerk!!!

It's basically a whole CD of extended "side-long" jams in the style of the first Kraftwerk albums performed in front of a small but enthusiastic audience and broadcast on Bremen Radio in 1971. The members of Neu! really take a forward role here, with Rother's guitar driving things for most of the time and sounding quite rocking, with glimpses of his future soaring melodic sound in the extended jam passages. The guitar and drums are backed up by synth and I believe organ bass, with notable exceptions of flute taking the forefront on the great version of Ruckzack (from the first Kraftwerk LP) and is it distorted electric violin on K4? Maybe just Rother taking a violin bow to his guitar strings! Proto-Kraftwerk and proto-Neu! It's exciting stuff, and on top of that the sound quality is excellent.
I recommended you listen to this album at MAXIMUM VOLUME!!!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SRC (Underrated American Classic!)

SRC - Self Titled
1968 - Detroit USA

I remember years ago meeting american artist/musician Mike Kelley (Destroy All Monsters) and talking music with the guy for awhile. The only band he seemed to think where worthwhile from the early Detroit rock scene which he grew up around was the "SRC." I remember being shocked that I had never heard of this band though not too shock when I found how hard it was to find their S/T album. Skip a few years later and I finally found a reasonably priced reissue Lp and man was I floored.
Amazing Hammond/Bass/Drum melodies with scorching fuzz guitar leads that make me think guitarist Michael Karoli of Can was into this record. The SRC really had their own sound on their first record, I can't really compare it to anything of the time. Unfortunately I found the couple of later albums they produced quite boring but that may be due to the fact that the band had kicked out Gary Quackenbush who did all the lead guitar work on the album.


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Monday, January 15, 2007

Juan De La Cruz (Filipino Hard Rock Psych!!!)

"Shake Your Brains"
1976 - Phillippines


Juan De La Cruz (a band, not a man, so it's filed under "J") was a hard-rock powerhouse powertrio from the Phillippines who flourished in the nineteen seventies. If you're hip to other obscurites from the era, imagine a cross between Buffalo and Los Dug Dug's! This bootleg-looking disc reissues one of their earliest albums (no date given, sorry, but we'd guess '71 or so), and it's a killer. Totally rocked out bluesy stoner jams, with brilliantly fucked sex and party obsessed lyrics ("get drunk all day, get down all night", "I'll just wait for you down in the alley / and I'll show you how it can be"). And guitarist Wally Gonzales has got his acid-psych leads down, man! It's not clear who's singing (it might be the drummer, an American who previously played in the equally primal Japanese psychrock band Speed, Glue, & Shinki) but whoever it is, he's got the perfect delivery for this stuff, which includes one of our all-time favorite garage-psych songs, "I Wanna Say Yeah" -- perhaps the ultimate rock n' roll song title/lyric *EVER*. I mean, yeah! None of today's punks, stoners, or garage revivalists can touch that. text from Aquarius records SF.

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Juan De La Cruz

Creepy John Thomas (UK Blues Boogie Psych!!!)

Brother Bat Bone (1968)
Creepy John Thomas (1969)

Both excellent albums by this classy UK '70s psych / Bluesrock band on one disc.They only released their albums in Germany."Brother Bat Bone" is a masterpiece sounding at times like a mixture of Captain Beefheart and the Pink Fairies. Creepy John Thomas had earlier played in the Australian Flies and went on to join the Edgar Broughton Band.

Born in Sydney,Australia,John Thomas has truly been rockin' around for over three decades. He's been writing songs since his first successful venture into the music business, when as a member of Melbourne based band The Flies, he co-wrote their chart hits. During this time, they became famous in Australia for their wild and frantic live performances. As the enfant terribles of the Aussie pop scene, they appeared regularly on TV and also supported The Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison and many others during their Australian career.

Moving to London, John released the "Brother Bat Bone" on the RCA label. A second album,"Creepy John Thomas",was released on the Teldec label. These two albums have both become cult classics and are sought after by rock historians. Both albums have since been bootlegged by Fingerprint records although John has never received any royalties from sales of these recordings. In the early seventies, after spending over a year in San Francisco, John returned to London and joined the E.B.B. as guitarist. He is featured on the albums Live Hits Harder and Bandages (with Mike Oldfield). During this time John recorded with Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox in their pre-Eurythmics days. After several more years with the E.B.B., John moved to Berlin, Germany, in 1979, where as leader of Johnny & The Drivers, he remained part of the Berlin rock scene for nearly ten years. Two Drivers albums were released,"This Must Be the Night" on Polydor and "Homing in on Zero" on Phonogram. Now based in London,John spends his time writing and recording and planning his next attack on the music establishment. He runs Werewolf Music and spends most of his time time working with other artists as producer and musician and songwriter. John has just produced his first solo effort in decades, "Remember Me this Way", which appears on Werewolf Records.

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Creepy John Thomas

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO - April 1966 Scepter Studios (Norman Dolph Acetate)

This is a nice rip of the Velvet Underground original mix acetate found in nyc a few years back. Included with the trks is a txt file with the whole story that was on the ebay listing. Unfortunately the original auction was run up to a ridiculous price by bidders who just wanted some sort of bidding fame??!! The re listed auction ended up selling for $25,000 which is still a 'pretty penny.' Some of the alternate takes on this are really great, especially if your used to the original takes. I'll post in the comments section here the big story on this acetate,,, too much text for the blog page. Highly recommended and Enjoy!

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