Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Theater Of Eternal Music - (60's NYC Drone Underground)

"Bootleg Lp" &
"Vol 1 Day Of Niagara"
Both recordings presumed to be recorded in 1965, NYC.

Ultra-rare minimal drone recording by some serious nyc heavy weights... "I dream this music"

The Theater of Eternal Music, also known as The Dream Syndicate, was a mid-sixties musical group focusing on experimental and drone music, featuring La Monte Young, John Cale, and Angus MacLise. In 1964 the ensemble contained Young and Marian Zazeela, voices; Tony Conrad and John Cale, strings; and sometimes Terry Riley, voice. Since 1966 Young has realized the "Dream Theater" despite interruptions due to a lack of funding for such an exceptional, extensive, and expensive project.

Most of these pieces have long titles, such as The Tortoise Recalling the Drone of the Holy Numbers as they were Revealed in the Dreams of the Whirlwind and the Obsidian Gong, Illuminated by the Sawmill, the Green Sawtooth Ocelot and the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer. Likewise, his works are often of extreme length, many pieces having no beginning and no end, existing before and after a particular performance. Young and Zazeela are also on an extended sleep schedule, their "days" being longer than twenty-four hours.

There has been a history of dispute over the Theater Of Eternal Music recordings as La Monte Young claims composer copywrite/ownership of the recordings and the other member's feel it was a collaborative project. There are supposedly many more hours of recordings by this group which I hope someday will see the light and make it to more ears.

Download here,
Theater Of Eternal Music

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stone Harbour - (US Psych Folk)

"Emerges" Lp 1974

A msyterious duo from Youngstown, Ohio that produced this sole album The music contains a mixed bag of 70s atmospheric psychedelia that veers from folk acoustics through acid and heavy rock and everywhere in between added with fluid acidic and often over the top manic guitar. Only 400 copies where pressed in 1974 and copies now sell for over $600. Recommended !!

Download here,
Stone Harbour

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kennelmus - Phoenix Underground Psych Weirdness!!!

Kennelmus - "Folkstone Prism"
Lp 1971

To throw a little history in here with the Sun City Girls posts, here's a early oddball album from the Phoenix area.

"Kennélmus - named after the group's creative hotshot, Ken Walker (born Kennélmus Edward Walkiewicz) - has been kept a secret far too long. The insinuating, addictive sound of this Phoenix, Arizona combo-relying heavily on Walker's electric keyboards and the mindshredding guitar of Bob Narloch to turn your brain into macaroni and cheese-has been the private plaything of the thousand lucky people who bought the album almost 30 years ago. A headscratching pun on England's Folkestone Prison (don't ask). The more relevant question should be: where have you been all my life? The answer, however, is so riddled with desert-marinated mysticism and peyote-laced tales of fear, degradation and debauchery that the answer only leads to further questions. Be content that Kennélmus-with its insinuating blend of the Chantays, the Quicksilver Messenger Service and the Electric Prunes and many more heat-induced musical visions-is here at last. It is possibly the strongest link in the hand-forged chain of genetically altered combos who have called Arizona home over the decades. From Phil & The Frantics, 20th Century Zoo, Alice Cooper's Spiders and the Beans"

Highly Recommended

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Paris 1942 - Moe Tucker & Sun City Girls!!!

Paris 1942 - Self Titled
Released by Majora Records LP 1995
Recorded in Phoenix Arizona 1983

The band is Moe Tucker (drums), Allan Bishop (bass, vocals), Bennie Baresi (guitar), Jesse Akkari (guitar), David Oliphant (guitar) and Rick Bishop as well possibly.

Yes its true, the VU and Sun City Girls connection does exist. Killer early 80s garage jams very VU styled for the first few numbers and then it just gets darker and more stoned. Great Syd Barrett cover to boot! I ripped this sucker from vinyl myself. ENJOY!

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Paris 1942

Sun City Girls - Grotto Of Miracles (1986)

LP (Placebo)

The Second Album by the Sun City Girls. Some amazing middle eastern themes on this record. Sounds of the Phoenix Underground!

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Grotto Of Miracles