Friday, May 18, 2007

Non-Stop Dancing!!! Chinese Joe Meek Style Surf!!!

Not much info on this Lp... Bought it at a record show a few years back pretty much for the cover. Turned out its some pretty great Asian Style Surf with amazing production that reminds me at times of Mr. Joe Meek. Some nice fuzz bits and chipmunk vocals on the first track! Let the party begin! NON-STOP DANCE!!! Dowload here, NON-STOP

Alice Cooper - Live at the Whisky A Go Go 1969!!!! (pretties for you)

Alice Cooper - Live at the Whisky A Go Go 1969

If you a fan of early Alice Cooper when they where a band and not a persons name you need this live recording... This was recorded around the release of their debut Lp "Pretties For You" which suffers from bad production value. This is probably one of the best live recording boots I've ever heard from the late 60s. It captured the album better than the album its self in many ways. You can really hear the detailed guitar work and dynamics of the band.

Cover Art Trivia: In the late 1960's, the Department for Alcoholic Beverage Control deemed it illegal to 'advertise' an alcoholic Bevearge by including it's name on a club marquee. Rather than change the name of the venue, the owner Elmer Valentine choose to take the 'y' off the neon, which is why the cover art of the album displays 'Whisk' instead of 'Whisky'.

Highly Recommended!!!

Download here,
Whisky A Go Go