Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nice Strong Arm - Reality Bath (Texas 80s Underground)

Originally from the Austin scene that spawned such kindred spirits as the Butthole Surfers and Scratch Acid. This group began in 1986 with 2 drummers, guitar and bass. Most probably influenced by english groups like Section 25, Joy Division and Josef K but making it very american. This band was in the head space as contemporaries Sonic Youth, Swans, and Scratch Acid. Releases on Homestead Records include Reality Bath, Mind Furnace, Stress City, Cloud Machine EP, and Secret Language 7". Nice Strong Arm's legacy includes the vaunted harmonic and pentatonic "Asian"/ sitar-like style indie guitar playing since reproduced by bands such as Polvo & Trumans Water. I discovered this record years ago at a college radio station and have always loved its vibe. It reminds me of the old Austin, Texas 80s scene which is sadly gone. This record came out 20 years ago which is hard to believe. TIME! Nice Strong Arm - Minds Lie Download here, Nice Strong

Chrome - The Visitation (Rare 1st Album)

Released 1976 or 1977 Siren Records (US) Cat. No. DE-1000 The first Chrome album is a blend of 70s psych art rock weirdness hinting at the psych-punk vibes that were soon to come with classic albums "Alien Soundtracks" & "Half Machine Lip Moves." Highly Recommended! Formed by Gary Spain (bass, guitar, vocals) and Damon Edge in 1976. The band also featured John Lambdin (vocals, guitar and bass) and Mike Low (guitar, synth, and bass). John Lambdin I've heard spent some time in the early 70s playing with the legendary japanese band Flower Travellin' Band. The first Chrome release is particularly collectable due to the many variations of covers, labels, and inserts. The first spray-painted cover releases included 3 inserts, all of which are quite rare. The initial pressings had a plain looking white label with black text. Perhaps accidentally omitted from the label was "Siren Records", which was subsequently added with a rubber stamp. The second pressing incorporated "Siren Records" pre-printed on the label. Later pressings used an entirely re-designed label featuring silver hand-written text on a black background, typical of the labels used on the next several albums. Most, if not all of these black-labeled records were released with the picture sleeve. All three of these "original" releases of The Visitation were from the same mould (matrix# Kendun DE-1000). I've included a bunch of the early artwork/xeroxes with the album. Chrome - Return to Zanzibar Download here, Chrome-The

Monday, June 25, 2007

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - 'Original Detroit Noize'

Destroy All Monsters (sometimes rendered DAM) was an Ann Arbor, Michigan musical group formed by Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Niagara and Cary Loren. in 1973. Their music touched on elements of punk rock, noise, psychedelic, heavy metal music and noise rock with a heavy dose of performance art. Their name has sometimes thought to have came from a Godzilla movie, but it could also have come from a comic book with the same title. They described their music as "anti-rock." Destroy All Monsters never found mainstream success, but earned some notoriety due to members of notable rock groups The Stooges and MC5 who joined the later rock version of the group. Although Destroy All Monsters never recorded a proper album, Sonic Youth singer/guitarist Thurston Moore released this three compact disc compilation of the group's music in 1994. Early years Formed in 1973, the first edition of Destroy All Monsters was formed by University of Michigan art students Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Niagara and filmmaker Cary Loren. They performed in the Ann Arbor area from 1973-1976, and their only release was a one hour cassette of their recordings available only through Lightworks magazine. Their early music was Influenced by Sun Ra, Velvet Underground, ESP records, monster movies, beat culture and futurism' their sound was experimental, psychedelic, darkly humorous and droning. On New Years eve of 1973, the first Destroy All Monsters concert was held at a comic book convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At the time the instruments were a violin, a sax, a vacuum cleaner and a coffee can. They performed a demented version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" and were asked to leave after ten minutes. The group performed "Guerilla Style" setting up for free at parties, playing for food along Ann Arbor's frat row. They used modified instruments, a drum box, tape loops, hot-wired toys, cheap keyboards and broken electronic devices. The only formal gig they had (beside the comic convention) was at the Halloween Ball at the University of Michigan art school in 1976. Kelley and Shaw left the band during the summer of 1976 to attend graduate school at CAL Arts in Los Angeles, California. Both have gone on to lead successful solo careers in the art world. Pulled this from wiki. Download here, Disc 1 - Gospel Disc 2 - Crying In Disc 3 - To The Throne Of Chaos Where The Thin Flutes Pipe

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hochenkeit - Portland Psych Drone Ensemble

- "I Love You" (1999 - roadcone records)
- "Omu4h 4aholab / 400 Boys" (2000)
- "Until Made" (2002 - cdr)

I present to you 3 fine released by Portland, Oregons "Hochenkeit." A band that existed in the late 90s into early this decade. A highly underrated band that predated the whole current underground psych craze. Kids these days don't seem to look very far back beyond the current hits like Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunburned, No Neck, ect...

Their Debut Album "I Love You" on roadcone records has some serious drone raga moments and is much inspired by fellow northwesterns the "Sun City Girls." On their second album "Omu4h 4aholab / 400 Boys" things take a big more of a groove krautrock inspired edge. Even touching on vibes by fellow labelmates Jackie-o Motherfucker who's album "fig.5" was recorded around the same time. Something was stirring in that strong PDX expresso. Their 3rd release "Until Made" is a limited edition cdr of 60 copies. Its missing a few of the original member's from what I heard. Its much more spaced out and has some beautiful grooves and narcotic drones.

Download here,