Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh (UK Biker Psych!)

Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh
UK 1968-72

Their appearance marked some belated recognition for the power trio, which Northampton singer-guitarist Martin Weaver formed in 1968 with drummer "Mad" Dick Smith and bassist Bob Jeffries.However, Wicked Lady never came within a whisper of the stratospheric status attained by Cream, or the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The band's liberal use of feedback -- and large biker following -- kept them relegated to clubs, even during the twilight hours of the psychedelic era. Awash in drink and drugs, Wicked Lady split up in 1970, but Smith and Weaver soon regrouped with new bassist, Del "German Head" Morley.The new lineup duly set about documenting its existence, as captured on Psychotic Overkill -- whose feel is looser than Axeman Cometh. The effect is a shotgun marriage of Black Sabbath-style rifferama, supported by a less risk-taking rhythm section. Weaver's vocal style lacks charisma, but his wah-wah and fuzz-driven guitar style carries the day. The highlights include a bluesy cover of Hendrix's "Voodoo Child," the sex 'n' drugs snapshot of "Sin City," and the howling, 21-minute epic, "Ship Of Ghosts." But Wicked Lady's erratic ways proved too difficult for clubowners, who eventually refused to let them play. (At one gig, the band reportedly played the same song over and over until an irritated management pulled the plug on them.) Wicked Lady imploded in 1972, but Weaver rebounded that same year by joining the Dark, a more psychedelic- and progressive-outfit.

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Wicked Lady

Kadura - Eastern-influenced Japanese Psych!

Debut CD and only release I'm aware of by this eastern-influenced psychedelic, atmospheric space-rock by this Osaka band. Leader Atsushi Kobayashi's guitar is a spectral thing, while his vocals are impossibly emotional. The drumming is sometimes strongly tribal, while at other times it functions as a simple, beautiful pulse augmented by bells and other percussion. Spiritual, intense music for the mind.

Not too far off from more tranced out Sun City Girls Rock, and Fushitsusha.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lightdreams - Islands in Space (Canadian Space Psych Folk)

Lightdreams - Islands in Space Canada 1981 Private Press Lp from 1981 released in Victoria, BC, Canada by the band. I really have no information on this great Lp... Some great Space Psych Folk moments that are similar to another west coast band of the era called "Melodic Energy Commission" who had members of Hawkwind playing with them at one time. I should post their rare debut Lp soon. This album is dedicated to the colonization of space. Serious! Read the notes on the back cover image included with the mp3's. Vinyl rip by me,,, you ain't gonna find this anywhere else! Lightdreams - Islands in Space Download here,

Ash Ra Tempel - Best of The Private Tapes (The Early Years) REPOST!

I've made for you all a killer comp of all the best material from the Ash Ra Tempel box set which came out in the late 90s. Unfortunately a lot of the box set is Manuel Göttsching's solo work which I'm not as big of a fan of. So what I've done is boiled down the comp to pretty much all the early Live Ash Ra Tempel Live shows mostly featuring a young Klaus Schulze on drums. This is some serious deep hazy psych that made legends of this band! Most of the live sets are 30min+ and totally epic.
Highly recommended!

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Best of The Private Tapes pt.1
Best of The Private Tapes pt.2