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INSTANT ORANGE - Rare California Psych 1968-1975

Self Titled (1968-1975)
Reissue by Shadoks / Edition 450 Lp

Besides home to the Hells Angels, farmers and citrus grooves, San Bernardino, California was also where Instant Orange lived and released their first single in 1968. The band forged ahead and released another single (1973), album (1973) and two ten inch eps (1974 & 1975). All of their releases were small pressings of 100 copies and to this day, Instant Orange remains virtually unknown. Their homemade sound is a refreshing reflection of their west coast folk-rock influences that were so prevalent during the sixties and early seventies. All original tracks with inspiration from bands like the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Love, Sandy Bull and others. Songs full of electric and acoustic guitars with nice doses of McGuinnesque 12 string riffing as well as many unsuspecting surprises (antiquated electronic effects, rambling rural explorations, long jams, experimental moves, stoner banter and other weirdness between songs, caveman fuzz, etc). A solid listen with enough original imagination to keep it interesting without the band creating an identity crisis by trying too hard to be something else than themselves. Here it all on this limited double album, but grab it before it becomes elusive like some of San Bernardino's motorcycle riding inhabitants.

TERRY WALTERS, RANDY LANIER & LYNN McCURDY are INSTANT ORANGE with the help of Joe Bianchi & Bob Lautz.

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Joe Jones - "Solar Music" 1983

Joe Jones - Notes on Solar Music

After my first experience of using SOLAR ENERGY in my music, I found it difficult to go back to making battery powered pieces.

Playing with the subtle changes that occured in the sounds produced by the different combinations of solar cells and motors, under a constant light source (light bulb), selecting one, then taking this combination out into the sun light, where the movement of the earth, cloud formations, and wind, slowly and sometimes radically changed the sounds. The voltage being higher in direct sunlight and lower when cloud formations cast shadows over the solar cells.

The wind plays it's part by gently or not so gently moving the motors or hanging instruments, causing them to swing. The combination of all these factors create the solar music for that particular day.

From complete density of sound in a cloudless sky at mid-day to silence in a heavy sky or total silence at sun down.


The first Solar Music Piece was hand made chimes 1977, Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden. This was immediately followed by hanging zitars, to take advantage of their multi-string sound capacity. The "Solar Zitar" pieces could be hung outside or in a window, the sun and wind creating their own composition.

This was a development of an earlier idea, 1964, but could not be completed because of the cost of material at that time.

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"Solar Music" 1983