Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano (Italian Psych Acid Pop)

"Dedicato A"

"Originally released in 1967 on the BDS label. Mario Schifano (the amazing painter and sculptor from the Italian pop scene) recruited four young and unknown musicians to record this innovative album. Features Peter Hartman and beautiful cover artwork by Schifano himself." Previously carried on the dubious Mellow label, this version has got to jump one giant step forward in the great Italian label scramble for legitimacy! Starts out with a killer side-long track that almost makes this one out as the Italian answer to Love Live Life + 1: flying freak-out stuff, stumbling percussion, screaming organ waver, screaming female vocals, screaming, heavy lead guitar all add up to a first class psychedelic cacophony. The remaining tracks are fine, in a shorter psych/pop vein. Unknown and good-to-astounding, depending on your relationship to the psych universe. The is a heavy Velvet Underground influence on some of these tracks, in a very good way!


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Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano