Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Melodic Energy Commission (Canadian Psych Folk Weirdness!)

Stranger in Mystery (Canada 1979) - Lp

An interesting branch of the Hawkwind family tree is Melodic Energy Commission, which included among it membership Hawk electronics maestro Del Dettmar. The band's lineup consisted of Xaliman on vocals, guitar, piano, electro-keys, gongs, percussion, and shepherds pipes, Randy Raine-Reusch on dulcimer, khaen, gongs, and flutes, Del on EMS synth and Delatronics, George McDonald on guitar, theramin, and wall of oscillation, Mark Franklin on bass, and Paul Franklin percussion, tablas, glockenspiel, and synth organ, plus numerous guests. Stranger In Mystery is a Canadian Gem feature tribal, acoustic, flower power, hippie psychedelia combined with loads of spacerock electronics. The music is raw, but heavily exploratory, often changing radically within a single track. For example, the nine minute title track features acid guitar and synths jamming in their own individual directions in a kind of heavy Hawkwind,Tangerine Dream Vibe to Ethnic notes which remind me of the Sun City Girls or early Tower Recordings. Xaliman's slightly efx'd vocals are a bit eerie and fit the music well. This album goes from psychedelic chamber orchestra, to dissonant strumming acoustic guitars, and tweaked analog electronics. The original vinyl of the release is very rare. The band is from Vancouver Canada and still exists to this day. Look for them on myspace!

I've also included in the zip file a rare early single by the group.
- Melody is Energy 7''

The Album was originally posted over at Ezhevika Fields.
This one needs to make it to more ears!

Download here,
Melodic Energy Commission


Ellaguru said...

hi many thanx for
Melodic Energy Commission - Stranger in Mystery (Canada 1979) -
Pip Proud - Eagle-Wise (1968-1969)
The Book of AM

incredibili_dictu said...

You are perfectly right, highly recommended indeed.
I missed it on Lisa's blogspot so thanks for reposting with such attractive comments

Onetet said...

thanks for turning me on to this exceptional record. LP reminds me of comus, chrome, and nurse w/ wound as much as it does hawkwind.

Allen Ginsberg In Space said...

Hello there,
it is good to see you posting again.
your blog is one of the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tops posts!


Anonymous said...

This is quite transpersonal field indeed!! Music can hold great wisdom

zappahead said...

Well, I always wondered what ever happened to dear old Del Dettmar...and here it is....I love the write up so I must have a listen...thank you indeed for your good taste.

spunkie said...

I likeey very much can i have more.


litlgrey said...

... and i adore those guys, and had this CD, but it got stolen! Much as I'd love to support them twice, I just can't.
So thank you VERY much!
Now if only that Mars Everywhere on Random Radar would turn up.
Or did Mutant Sounds post that? Now I can't remember!

Shige said...

Thank you for sharing this gem.
Excellent prog.