Thursday, November 20, 2008

CODE III - Planet Of Man, Germany 1974 (Krautrock Gem)

Code III - “Planet of Man”
Release on Delta Acoustic in 1974.

Another obscure release from Schulze’s little stable of cosmic electro-acousitc troubadours and a fine one at that. Taking as its pretext a concept as big as the formation of the cosmogony itself: this far-out piece of German-ness is in the same verin as Sand’s Golem, and The Vuh’s first two monoliths. A huge adam-and-eve-adelic experiment into sonic territories hitherto unexplored in 1974. This really was Delta-Acustic’s year wasn’t it.From the cover onwards the LP is a beautiful fusion of electronic and acoustic folkiness, the Sand LP is really the nearest comparison. Cosmic electronics of whistling and wind effects open up Side One and give the LP a very “Ligeti’s contributions to 2001 A Space Odyssey” feel, formless moog ululations and spectral robot voices speaking about primitive (wo)man. Thebrainchild of Manfred Schunke and Ed Key the LP them merges into a sublime acousitc ur-folk plainsong, picked acoustics and English vocals, the bird whistles bring us right into Granchester Meadows (its very Roger Waters in fact, a re-write of that track and Atom Heart’s If), flutes are added and we are in the krautrock Book of Genesis. Primitive atmospherics dominate, until 10 minutes of random drum sounds ruin it slightly (in that 5minutes would have sufficed).

Side Two and Aparna Shakravati adds tambura and chanting one-chord Indian wordless vocal, the whole thing morphing through more elctronic storms and tumult, and samples from American and German voices, into a sudden jump into early drum-machine motorik shuffle and trance-synths. Its very “Black Dance” and Klaus finally makes an appearance on Side Two - mid-way - on drums. The epic closer brings back the acoustics and it all builds into a spectatcular finale of choral oooohhhs and aaaaaaaaaaahhs that the Germans do so well, including (according to the liner notes) a Stone Age Choir and a Cosmos Choir. Fans of Sand, early Vuh and early Schulze will love this LP. - (Reviewed by Gogmagog From Head Heritage)

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bjorn said...

this blog is the shit!

thoth said...

thank you so much for sharing. love the finale to this album. this album is one nice long trip worth taking.

Sans Woz said...

Most fuckt krautrock album there is....fantastic

lanzarishi said...

Awesome, absolutely awesome.