Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vangelis - The Dragon (GREEK PSYCH OUT!)

Vangelis - The Dragon

Found this early Vangelis rarity the other day and was blown away. "The Dragon" is a psych monster, especially Side A. Fuzz Bass, Tripped Strings, and throbbing Rhythms. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

In 1971, Vangelis played several sessions in the London Marquee Studios, some of them together with guitarist Argyris 'Silver' Koulouris, violinist Michel Ripoche, bass guitarist Brian Odger and drummer Mick Waller. For some reason the recordings were never released at the time, and lay shelved until 1978, when Charly Records suddenly released the music under the name 'The Dragon'. Apparently this release wasn't approved by Vangelis, as he successfully went to court to get the album off the market.

Other recordings of these jam-sessions were released at the same time as the album 'Hypothesis'.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Eddy Detroit - Immortal Gods (Phoenix Underground 1982)

Eddy Detroit - Immortal Gods

The first (of two) self released albums put out by Eddy Detroit (his third album would come out many years later on Majora, Jungle Captive, in 1997. Very exotic cult folk and primitive rock album, led by the irrepressible vocal presence of Eddy. "A reissue of more material from the early 80's Phoenix underground music scene, contemporary with Paris 1942; this time none other than the first LP by Eddy Detroit... this was self released in 1982 and has been pretty impossible to find for quite a few years. Featuring an all star lineup including Mary and Dan Clark (Victory Acres), Charlie Gocher and Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls), James Verlaine (aka J. Akkari from Paris 1942) and others.

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Download here,
Eddy Detroit - Immortal Gods