Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Eddy Detroit - Jungle Captive (Phoenix Underground 1997)

Eddy Detroit - "Jungle Captive"
Lp - Majora Records - 1997

Freshly dug out of my vinyl vault, digitized and blown into the ether,,, I present to you Eddy Detroit's classic Lp "Jungle Captive." A serious blast on Underground Acid Folk Exotica from one of Phoenix Arizona's legends. Along with the Sun City Girls, Mighty Sphincter and 70s oddballs Kennelmus Phoenix has always been home to some strange artists.

This Lp does features a wealth of musicians from the Phoenix scene, I've included in the zip a scan of the Lp insert with all musicians listed. The Sun City Girls have been know to play with Eddy on some of his singles and his earlier Lp "Immortal Gods" but they do not appear on this record.

Highly Recommended and your not going to find this anywhere else!
We love you Eddy!

Download here,
Eddy Detroit - Jungle Captive

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Blumen Des Exotischen Eises (80s German Noise Exotica!)

"Blumen des Exotischen Eises LP was released in '86 in the quantity of 100 copies on his Dead Eye Records. It was recorded between '83 and '85 and consisted of spontaneous music, some of it played by Alfred alone on different instruments with overdubs, and some with friends. Some tracks have early '70s open-air spaced out feel, others -- more heavy hypnotic Teutonic sound. Alfred Otterstaetter began playing music in the late '70s, releasing homemade tapes and records under different band names."

Blown out Sitars/Organs/Guitars/Drums. Reminds me of current groups like Avarus and Kemialliset Ystävät and old groups like Amun Duul I, Siloah, and Limbus.

Download here,
Blumen Des Exotischen Eises