Monday, September 15, 2008

The Apollo Stars @ "X-RAY VISIONS" (Scientologist Jazzzz)

repost of this gem,,,,available at

Posting a very rare Scientologist Lp from the 70's.
Grab it before their Lawyers take it down!

Michael Flower (UK PsychNoise Exotica)

Michael Flower - Returning To Knowing Nothing
(Phase Two)
CDR - 2005

Michael Flower is a founding member of Vibracathedral Orchestra from Leeds, UK. Probably the most mesmerizing psychedelic drone group since La Monte Young stopped getting high (or at least pretended to be.)

This CDR is Phase 2 of a 3 parts series. Some of the best tracks from that series where later released on a Lp on the Qbico label from Italy. Mick plays a array of exotic Asian instruments. Made for the 2005 USA tour with Sunburned Hand of the Man.

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Michael Flower

Gaseneta (1978 Japanese Acid Punk)

Gaseneta - Sooner or Later
PSF records - Recorded 1978

Gaseneta were a "punk" outfit from the late part of the 1970s. This CD out on PSF Japan is their only existing release, called Sooner or Later. Considering the dismal state of a lot of Japanese punk this is great, nowhere near the sheer white-out of High Rise, et al, but kind of admirable falling-apart primitivism...basically the same song done over and over at varying degrees of intensity, with VERY ferocious vocals. Whether or not you want to hear this probably depends on your tolerance for punk/noise mayhem; but an important band in terms of their purported influence none the less.

Frantic voice, over-the-top distorted guitar, thunderous rhythm section made a killer garage sound. Gaseneta had inestimable influence on High Rise's sound (indeed, High Rise covered Gaseneta's song in their early days.)" Recorded in 1978, this is really fried stuff, some of the most aggressively gargled Japanese music (in a sorta acid-punk vein) ever witnessed.

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Conrad Schnitzler And Sohn (Private Press)

Conrad And Sohn

Bizarre one-off private-press released in 1981 by one-time Tangerine Dream / Kluster associate Conrad Schnitzler, which was given only to friends and family. Tracks 6-11 are pretty odd, even for Schnitzler, with its pitched up vocals & arbitrary lo-fi synth drippings; but the real prize are tracks 1-5 featuring his teenage son (sohn) Gregor on electric bass and completely fried vocals (in English no less) as run through Conrad's massive modular synth rig. Limited to 500 pieces.

Fans of early Cabaret Voltaire, John Bender, Bruce Haack, and primitive electronix will enjoy!

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Conrad And Sohn