Friday, December 05, 2008

The Enemy Within (Featuring Peter Green and Mick Green)

The Enemy Within
(Featuring Peter Green and Mick Green)
"A Touch Of Sunburn" 1986 Uk
aka "Two Greens Make A Blues"

Originally titled A Touch Of Sunburn and later, Two Greens Make A Blues this electronic Blues experiment was one of the most original and charismatic albums of the 80s. Featuring guitarists Peter Green (ex-Fleetwood Mac), Mick Green, Gypie Mayo and Ed Deane, this reissue includes two bonus tracks with remastered sound and insightful liner notes.

Seriously damaged Beefheart'ian inspired blues record from the 1980's. Kinda like if early Chrome decided to make a Beefheart Album. Lots of cool early 80s drum machines, filtered guitar sounds and goofball lyrics.

Very rare and hard to find. This was later issued in the 1990's as "Peter Green and Mick Green - Two Greens Make a Blues" though the Green's only are noted as playing on a few tracks on this album.
The mysterious band leader is known as "The Raven."

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The Enemy Within

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Franco Battiato - Fetus (Early 70s Italian Masterpiece)

Franco Battiato - Fetus
Released 1972 on Bla Bla

Mind Blowing Debut Album by this Sicilian born Italian Experimentalist turned Pop Star. Battiatto even on his early works rode the line of Pop and new sounds in electronics and studio production. Much like contemporaries CAN or Faust. But it seems Battiato's work stayed within the Italian borders as he always stayed true to the italian language. Beautifully haunting electronic passages blur into elated pop moments then turning to music concrete studio edits. There is a in depth review here at Head Heritage which is much more informed.

Highly Recommended. I will post some of his following albums soon.

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