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Flaviola e o Bando do Sol (Brazilian Psych Folk 1974)

Flaviola e o Bando do Sol
Solar Records
1974 Brazil

Beautiful Folk record with many psychedelic tinges from northeastern Brazil.

Another representative of the generation northeastern after-tropicalismo, that he had in Paêbirú, of Squid Côrtes and Zé Ramalho, its more radical expression. Also pernambucano, Flaviola and the Flock of the Sun recorded only one album, launched for the Solar local stamp, in 1974. On the basis of regional rhythms, had rare produced a mix of folk-rock-psicodelia, that remains with the extreme present time. Rich instrument, in the base of violões, violas, guitars, flutes and percussion. Basically acoustic, with an uneven poetry, the record is plus an example of the energy, of the will of crair something new, that it abundava in Recife. A comparison with the English of "The Incredible String Band" is not of all absurd. They participate of the Flávio record Lira (the Flaviola), Côrtes Squid, Pablo Raphael, Robertinho of Recife, and Zé of the Flute.

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Flaviola e o Bando do Sol


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Ha ha, "Squid Cortes", hilarious -- you must have used Google translate. The name Lula literally translates as 'squid' but its a common apelido (nickname) that has nothing to do with marine life... My pressing of this on the World Psychedelia label also has badly translated (or just written badly) notes from Zé de Flauta in which they perplexing translate the band name Avé Sangria as "Bleeding Bird." First off, you shouldn't translate proper names (including Lula!) but secondly the band name obvious looses all its meaning and play on words when you call them Bleeding Bird.. One of these days those albums will be reissued, too -- they are better than this one

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