Tuesday, March 19, 2013

OS BRAZOES (Brazilian Psych Tropicalia)

Brazil 1969

An obscure slice of late-'60s Brazilian psychedelia. Os Brazoes main claim to fame was being picked by Gal Costa for her backing band when she was making her hugely influential early forays into Tropicalia. Turns out her sidemen had a pretty great album in them as well; they created a similar synthesis of North American rock & roll and local Brazilian forms, with very similar results, as those being explored by Tropicalia ringleaders Os Mutantes and Gilberto Gil (whom they cover here). There's a great version of Jorge Ben's classic "Carolina" included, as well as lots of fuzz guitar, phasing, and studio trickery loading up all the tracks. They never get too far away from the samba however and the entire record ends up with a pretty sweet party vibe throughout.

One of my favorite Brazilian Psychedelic Tropicalia Albums of the 60s!


spunkie said...

Thanks FM really digging Modulo Lunar, hope the rest is just as good.


Bauheed said...

Getting an error with track 10 (Gotham City) when I extract this...help!

Rom said...

Thanks !

Aleph.Mem.Shin said...

Another amazing batch of stuff...! (ok, haven't been to the page all summer!). But the .rar file claims an error when i try & open this one! any chance of a re-up or via a different site? thanks, FM!