Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FRICTION (Japanese NO WAVE 1980)

Friction (軋轢)
Lp, 1980, Japan
Pass Records

One of the best Japanese No Wave Punk Lp's ever!

Formed in 1978, they originally began in 1971 under the name Circle Triangle Square.

"Originally formed in 1971 as an avant-garde music group by bassist Reck, saxophonist Chico Hige, and drummer Sakuro Watanabe in Tokyo, Japan. They changed the bands name to 3/3 in the mid 70s, and Reck and Chico later moved to the United States, where they would join the band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and later became the original founding members of James Chance and the Contortions before returning back to Japan.

Renaming 3/3 to form Friction, they recruited guitarist Tsunematsu Masatoshi, who had studied art at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. They released a live album and single in 1979, and then their first studio album in 1980, produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Tsunematsu left the band in December 1980 to become an artist, and from then on Friction has had numerous guest instrumentalists for lives and studio releases, all revolving around frontman Reck."

Highly Recommended!

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. said...

FM SHADES don´t leave us. please keep posting.

Gar D said...

You are horny Shades!Happy New Year and all that!Im spitting feathers trying to come of the ciggarelos and all these tunes are getting me through..thanxs.GX

Christopher said...

I don't even remember how I ended up here, but this site is BLOWING my MIND! I've grabbed so much stuff... wow. Easily the best (for my interests) music site I've found, ever, Thanks!

americaisplastic said...

This is incredible. I love both Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and James Chance and the Contortions. Thanks for this!