Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magical Power Mako (Japan Psych Underground)

Magical Power Mako - Hapmoniym
Japan 1972-1975
5 CD Boxset

Awhile back I posted the very rare Brast Burn and Karuna Khyal albums. Total outsider underground japanese gems. Now I present to you a better known Japanese Artist by the name of Magical Power Mako. Strangely Magical Power Mako and the Brast Burn records sound very similar. Sometimes I think its the same person but its possible there was some serious Sonic Zeitgeist happening in Japan in the mid-70's.

This collection is 5 full length CD's of unreleased material recorded around the time of their first releases in the early 70's. Seriously damaged psych-folk-noise-electronix-freeform-fullyformed bliss! Magical Power Mako cover a lot of ground. Hints of kraut vibes like Faust and CAN + japanese free form motions like Taj Mahal Travellers and Brast Burn/Karuna Khyal.

Originally posted by the late great Dirk at "Cities of Flame With Rock and Roll"

So Highly Recommended!

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Magical Power Mako pt.1
Magical Power Mako pt.2
Magical Power Mako pt.3
Magical Power Mako pt.4
Magical Power Mako pt.5

Monday, February 15, 2010

Franco Battiato - Pollution (2nd Masterpiece)

Franco Battiato - Pollution
Italy - 1972

The Second amazing album by this Italian Master. Following up the post with his first album I did awhile back.

"Dedicated to the Centro Internazionale Studi Magnetici, Battiato's second album starts with an elegant orchestra and chatter of partygoing guests -- a bit like the start of Roxy Music's debut record only with an even more rarified atmosphere. But with the sudden intrusion of his spoken-word vocals, which fade into the mix before an explosion heralds the arrival of his own backing band, things take a nicely different turn. Pollution is proudly prog-oriented if more than a little derivative, able to draw comparison from everything to Ash Ra Tempel's drive and Faust's humor to majestic (and apparently intentionally ridiculous at points) keyboard fanfares that might make Rick Wakeman jealous. There's something wonderfully lively about it all, though, that saves it from the crushing boredom so much pseudo-deep slop suffered from during the same time period. Even songs that conjure up familiar listening experiences -- "Beta" has a similar pace to mid-'70s Pink Floyd easygoing jams -- add a little something extra, in this case heavily processed wordless vocals swirling around the mix. Battiato's reliance on keyboards -- besides himself, three backing band members play some sort of synth as well -- gives Pollution an extreme electronic edge; even when things are more conventionally rock, everything feels that much more eerie and truly spaced-out. "Areknames," with its recurrent synth/trumpet melody, persistent two-note loop, and surprising, intriguing vocal arrangements, is the easiest track to get one's head around, with a hook one can at least carry away from the experience. Elsewhere, a listener just needs to let the experience take hold as Battiato's freeform lyrics and keyboard swoops and swells herald song introductions or just exist in their own mysterious worlds. Pollution also scores with some moments of sheer beauty in and of themselves -- the introduction of "Plancton," with acoustic guitar and keyboards in slow, haunting combination, makes for a lovely start to an intriguing tune."

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leigh Stephens - Red Weather (Underrated American Psych)

Leigh Stephens - Red Weather

Red Weather was the first solo project from the lead guitarist of Blue Cheer (1st Album.) Originally released on the Phillips/Mercury label in 1969, the album immediately became a favorite on the underground music scene and established Stevens as a solo act. The music on Red Weather was dramatically different than that of Blue Cheer, with a well structured psychedelic sound like Quicksilver or the Grateful Dead rather than the sledgehammer hard rock sound of his former band. Recorded in England at the Trident Studios with the help of Nicky Hopkins on keyboards, drummer Mick Waller from the Jeff Beck Group, and Kevin Westlake from Blossom Toes, the album was hailed as a masterpiece by many British rock fans but was equally dismissed by Blue Cheer fans. The album contained eight songs that highlighted Stevens songwriting ability rather than his guitar prowess. After nearly 30 years the album was rereleased complete with the original psychedelic artwork cover.

An album everyone should have! A very unique Lp by this phenomenal guitarist!

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Leigh Stephens