Sunday, April 03, 2011

Headless Chickens - Self Titled (Flying Nun, 1986)

Headless Chickens - Self Titled Ep
Lp, New Zealand, 1986
Flying Nun Records

Oddball first release by this New Zealand who morphed into a more mainstream NZ band into the 90s. At times it reminds me a lot of the Jefferies bothers (This Kind of Punichment, Cakekitchen) style of Post-Manchester darkness. At other times like some early English or German D.I.Y. cassette...

Highly Recommended and hard to find!
Vinyl Rip by your truly!

Download here,
Headless Chickens


Don said...

ah, i used to have this one

sonabular said...

thanks for this, and totally stoked to see you posting again

Dr. Nothing said...

Thanks! Love this classic Flying nun label release!