Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Renegade Scanners (Swedish Fuzz)

Renegade Scanners - Hands on Future
2007 Sweden
Lal Lal Lal Records (Finland)

Renegade Scanners enters the depths of the primitive psych lore of groups such as Chrome, Monoshock, Skullflower, Neu!, Simply Saucer, & Pärson Sound. In other words, serious Acid Rock. Headed by Jacob Olausson who a few years back made a incredible Psychfolk Lp on the De Stijl label as well as work with the Joshua Jugband 5.

Serious late night haze listening!
Vinyl rip by your truly!

Download here,
Renegade Scanners


Walker said...

This is great. Thanks for the recent posts - we missed you, man!

nico said...

Thanks for this, really great album. My kind of stuff