Saturday, December 03, 2011

39 Clocks - Pain It Dark (German Psycho-Beat!)

39 Clocks - Pain It Dark
No Fun Records 1981

Classic early 80s debut Lp by this Hannover, Germany duo. A dangerous combination of Velvet Underground, Suicide, and even a hint of the Young Marble Giants. The duo would utilize a variety of primitive drum machines behind their grinding riffs with hazed out vocals. This is the dark paisley underground!

Original Vinyl Rip. Highly recommended!

Download here,
39 Clocks


EB said...

always held off on checking this out till i saw you were into it. AND Holy Shit this is fantastic. probably good thing i came late to this party. guitars sound more like keith than reed to me though.

also, i dont know if this is your thing but ive been wanting to hear the screamin mee-mees clutching monster mit lp. do you have?

Sarcosuchus said...

Thank you so much!