Monday, December 05, 2011

Jandek - Your Turn to Fall (1983 Original Vinyl)

Corwood 0745, LP, 1983
Original Vinyl Rip.

Absolutely my favorite Jandek Lp. In my mind the B-Side is one of the best sequences of Jandek songs. All very strong flowing outsider blues. The A-Side is quite stark and features the first instance of drums or a guest musician in the Jandek catalog. This is the original Outsider Blues. If you've never really gotten Jandek I invite you to start here.

I hate to say it but the CD reissues of the Jandek catalog fall very short in sound quality to the original Lp's. I'm guessing Corwood has someone do extreme noise reduction to the recordings which takes away a lot of the room sound and vibe. It also added some bad digital artifacts to the sound.

Ripped by your Truly, and so Highly Recommended!!!

Download here,
Jandek - Your Turn to Fall


slowhomo said...

wowowow- thank you!

JonnyWalker said...


kevinass said...

you're better to me than I am to myself

simson11 said...

very good!

Zelmo Swift said...

I kind of got the impression the extreme digital noise "reduction" was a conscious choice to give the reissues a certain quality that drew attention to the medium (digital audio). I dunno...sometimes I like hearing the digital erosion or whatever you want to call it. It adds a whole new layer of discomfort/distance/mystery.

FM SHADES said...

In my mind it just ruins the mystery. Hearing the space is part of the charm.... But most people aren't use to how the Lp's sound. Since most people just have the cd versions.

Zelmo Swift said...

Thanks for the post, btw! The vinyl versions aren't easy to find.