Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Renegade Scanners (Swedish Fuzz)

Renegade Scanners - Hands on Future
2007 Sweden
Lal Lal Lal Records (Finland)

Renegade Scanners enters the depths of the primitive psych lore of groups such as Chrome, Monoshock, Skullflower, Neu!, Simply Saucer, & Pärson Sound. In other words, serious Acid Rock. Headed by Jacob Olausson who a few years back made a incredible Psychfolk Lp on the De Stijl label as well as work with the Joshua Jugband 5.

Serious late night haze listening!
Vinyl rip by your truly!

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Renegade Scanners

Monday, April 04, 2011

Staked Plain - S/T Lp (90's Canadian Underground)

Staked Plain - Self Titled
Canada, Lp, 1998
Bobby J Records Austin, TX (pre-OESB)

From cast exotic,
"It all began in Alberta, Canada back in 1993.. The Band played various shows in the Vancouver and Northwest area throughout the 90's. They've shared the stage with groups such as Sun City Girls, Noggin, Irving Claw Trio, Jackie-o Motherfucker, and in Texas with Harry Pussy when they were on their final tour in 1997. While in Texas Staked Plain hooked up with Bobby J records who then releases a Lp of material they had recorded from 1993 to 1996. "

From Forces Exposure Catalog (1998):
"Musical References: Cro-Magnon, Sun City Girls, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart. Notes: This is 'outsider psychedelic' styled music from rural Northwestern Canada (Boyla, Alberta) with pronounced Downs Syndrome Schematics in Place."

Shayne Ehman, Zoltan Tougas & later Magneticring/Von Bingen member Josh Stevenson.

Download here,
Staked Plain

Vogel - Singles 1979-1982 (Swiss Art Rock)

Vogel - Singles
Switzerland 1979-1982

- 1st (Sunrise Record 1979)
- 2nd (Recommended Records 1980)
- RER Sampler Compilation Track (1982)

Vogel was a obscure Swiss group lead by recording engineer Robert Vogel. Working in similar territory as groups like Faust, Art Bears, Neu!, Honeymoon Killers, & Aksak Maboul. There really isn't much information on this band out there, as far as I know they may have just been a studio group of Robert Vogel's.

Robert Vogel's Recording Engineer credits include Liliput, Anthony Moore, Grauzone, Art Bears, Fred Frith, Art Fleury, Honeymoon Killers, Art Zoyd, & Red Crayola With Art And Language to name a few!

I've also included their track on the 1982 RER Sampler compilation 2xLp. This was how I first heard the group and spent years trying to find more recordings. Its like a mixture of Faust, Silver Apples and Suicide, its that good!

Highly Recommended

Vinyl Rips by yours Truly

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Headless Chickens - Self Titled (Flying Nun, 1986)

Headless Chickens - Self Titled Ep
Lp, New Zealand, 1986
Flying Nun Records

Oddball first release by this New Zealand who morphed into a more mainstream NZ band into the 90s. At times it reminds me a lot of the Jefferies bothers (This Kind of Punichment, Cakekitchen) style of Post-Manchester darkness. At other times like some early English or German D.I.Y. cassette...

Highly Recommended and hard to find!
Vinyl Rip by your truly!

Download here,
Headless Chickens