Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eroc - 1 (Classic Krautrock Kosmische 1975)

Eroc - Eroc 1
Brain Records - 1975

One of my favorite krautrock nuggets than many folks still don't seem to know about. Drummer of Grobschnitt's solo project. While I never liked Grobschnitt very much this record is stellar and like nothing else of the era.

"Eroc (Joachim Heinz Ehrig) started his solo career in 1975 while he was currently the drummer of Grobschnitt. His self titled album can be considered as a cross between Gorbschnitt’s typical symphonic amazing music and electronic/ synthscapes dominated by numerous original sound manipulations. Despite that he was originally recognised as a drummer, here Eroc is the man behind the machines, controlling solid essays in synth experimentations and electronic collages. His first album is an absolute must in Kraut/ electronic genre, very abstract, emotional and a mix of different moods. This album is an opponent worthy of Klaus Schulze’s first realisations in space/ “kosmische” electronic music."

Highly Recommended!

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D. BOONE said...

A truly amazing Krautrock gem. I have been listening to this record non-stop. Amazing. Thanks you sir!

kevinass said...

wow what a great record! thanks

zigzagwanderer said...

Extremely cool record , as is the blog .