Thursday, June 28, 2012

fm shades limbo

So FM SHADES has had all the DL Links suspended by mediafire.. It may be the end to the blog, I'm not sure yet... if I keep it going it will be awhile before everything is reposted.

Of course there is much debate about music blogs and I do have a problem with many of them posting new releases. FM SHADES was about opening people's eyes to a deep world of music that is unheard yet very important. Any time a artist asked me to remove a link I would comply. When I was young in the late 80s/early 90s I had great programs like CBC's "Brave New Waves" to turn me onto new sounds . Without it I would have been lost. Now in this modern digital wasteland blogs have been many folks education to the past before them. And a lot of the time those people go out and buy the records they've been turned onto.

We've all made mix tapes, tapes shows with VCR's, Burnt CD's, and played music in a public place. ALL technically copy write infringement. I look forward to the time when we look back at all this business and laugh.

Here's some words from a fan email a few years ago to summarize things,

"hey i've been following your blog for a while now but this is the first time i've commented. I've really enjoyed a lot of the albums you've posted. I'm 16, so this is like a whole new world to me and I wouldn't have access to it any other way, so I am very grateful for your efforts. My favorite albums have been definitely been Parameter, Jakob Olausson, Wicked Lady,THE INDEX!!!!, and Destroy all Monsters. You've also turned me on to Joe Meek and the Sun City Girls. Without you i never would stumbled across any of this music, and i would be less of what i am now. To be honest a lot of the stuff i've downloaded from blogs has been crap, but when you come across that song, that special song that speaks to you, the song that transcends it's humble age and obscurity, it just floors you. It's amazing how the same feelings inspired music back then, just as they do now. I really look forward to whatever you bring us in the future, and i'm very thankful for what you've done in the past.Thanks, tcf "

regards, fm shades